DIY Shabby Chic Flower Wreath

shabby chic wreath

OK, so I know I’m too late for Valentine’s day, but everyday is a good day to add some loving fun to your life with heart shapes, right? The basis for this wreath is learning how to make shabby chic flowers. Turns out it’s pretty easy to do and looks absolutely fabulous when it’s done. And of course you can make your wreath in any shape you want, I just happen to be in a loving mood.


Get your Stuff Together: Materials

This wreath costs hardly anything to make, which makes it even better, but no one is ever going to know that the shabby chic wreath hanging on my door used to be a pillowcase, a girl’s skirt, and a cheapo decoration from Poundland.Cheap wreath

  • A frame for your wreath – this can be a foam or wire one you buy from a craft store, an existing wreath you strip down, a wire coat hanger bent into shape, or florists wire covered in tape.
  • 3 or more different colored fabrics – use different textures too and don’t be afraid of frayed edges–it’s all part of the shabby chic look. If you want to give light fabrics a bit more of a shabby chic feel, then why not give tea dying a go–I tea dyed a white pillowcase to get my beigey fabric used here.
  • A glue gun.Materials for wreath
  • Ribbon or twine for hanging.




Getting into Shape

Getting your wreath into shape is much easier than getting yourself into shape at this time of year–so if you’re going for the DIY option, rather than the already perfect frame from a store, do not fear.Shaping the Wreath frame

I used this wreath that I bought from a pound shop at Christmas. I’d already started to strip it down anyway–using the faux cranberries and pine cones as decorations on homemade chutney jars. The great thing about cheaper than cheap decorations is that they are easy to deconstruct–the greenery on this just pulled out.

It’s easy to just bend into shape, and any rough edges can be twisted around the frame or stuck down with tape or a blob of glue. The frame isn’t going to be seen at all, so don’t get too hung up about it being the perfect shape.


Making Shabby Chic Flowers

For each flower, you need around a meter (just over a yard) of fabric, in strips measuring around 5-8 cm (2-3 inches) in width. How many of these strips you need will obviously depend on the size of your frame.


Fold over edge of fabric

Step 1

1. Take a strip and fold in half length-ways–I didn’t bother pressing it or gluing it in place to hide rough edges, but you can if you wish. Fold over one of the end pieces to 90 degrees, so it looks like this.




Making the bud of the fabric flower

Step 2

2. Start at the narrowest part of your folded over piece and begin rolling it in. Keep going until you’ve rolled in all of your triangle shape and you reach the fold. This is the bud of the flower, so get out your glue gun and stick it in place.




Creating the first petal

Step 3

3. Hold the bud in one hand, and with the other hand, fold down the fabric strip (away from you) at an angle of 90 degrees again. So now the long part of the fabric strip is hanging down, and you are holding the folded part right next to the bud. Add another blob of glue.




Creating first petal

Step 4

4. Now you need to turn that strip of fabric and guide it upwards, and wrap it around the bud, until you get to the end of the folded section and your fabric is at zero degrees again. Add another blob of glue to keep it in place.




Making more petals

Step 5

5. Keep going around like this, making sure that you pull upwards as you turn your fabric. Each fold and turn is making a petal of the flower. As you get towards the end of the flower, you might not need to use your glue gun as much, although just to be on the safe side I used mine before each fold.

6. Once you reach the end, leave around 6-8 cm (2-3 inches) that can be used for wrapping around the wreath frame. And that’s it–you’ve made your first shabby chic flower!


Putting it all Together

Well, really the fiddly bit is over once you’ve made all your flowers–the actual wreath making part is pretty easy.

Fixing the flowers to the wreathLay your frame in front of you and begin arranging your flowers–do not stick them at this stage, merely place them on top of the frame to see which flowers look best where. Move them around until you are happy with their placement, and if you have a few spaces then you’ll need to make some more flowers.

If you have any flowers left then they can be used for plenty of other things from decorating boxes to using on children’s headbands.

Now you can start to affix the flowers to your wreath frame. Using the tail of fabric that you left hanging, wrap it around, underneath the frame. Add a blob of glue to the bottom of the flower, and then press it into place. You’ll need to use a few more blobs of glue to ensure your flower doesn’t wobble around. Depending on the stability of your fabric you could also add a few strategic stitches to keep your flowers in place.

To finish, I used the cut off rolled hem–from the skirt I curated for some of my flowers–paired with some hessian (burlap) strands to wrap around the top of the wreath to hang it from.

And there you have your shabby chic flower wreath!


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