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Beyond the flexible funding options, Indiegogo is also known for being less restrictive when it comes to what you want to fund. Raising money for a charity? Indiegogo is fair game (Kickstarter would say no).

While I view this as a positive, it may also contribute to the fact that Indiegogo has a much higher failure rate than Kickstarter. Shopping Online Sale Online Leather Statement Clutch melting of 3 by VIDA VIDA Clearance Top Quality Nicekicks Cheap Online Free Shipping Finishline TZTyC

Like Kickstarter, Indiegogo is a popular platform and actually receives more traffic outside of the United States. A big benefit to those of us with large audiences outside the United States.

That said, for the same reasons I didn’t choose Kickstarter, I decided to skip Indiegogo. In addition, I didn’t need the flexible funding option (not my style) nor was I looking to make this a charitable fundraiser. Add to the fact that, statistically, much fewer crowdfunding campaigns succeed on Indiegogo than other crowdfunding platforms and I knew it wasn’t the platform for me.

Fee: 4% + Amazon fee (3-5%) + wire fee ($25). For flex funding: 9%.

Publishizer is my book crowdfunding platform of choice. The founder, Guy Vincent, is remarkably involved in every project. When I decided to launch my book through Publishizer, Guy helped me flesh out my crowdfunding campaign, making sure I didn’t miss anything along the way.

While this might seem like a small detail to a “pro” (if there is such a thing in the book crowdfunding space), it was a big reason I was able to successfully fund my book in two weeks.

Like Kickstarter, Publishizer doesn’t allow flexible funding (as of this writing). In other words: you either fund your project 100% or everybody’s money is returned. This was fine with me because I actually prefer this – the alternative makes it seem more about raising money than about having your audience play an integral part in the creation of a new project.

Another positive: I had full control over how I priced my tiers and what I offered. And if you’ve checked out my book on Publishizer , you know I offer some pretty wild rewards. This was crucial for me as I wanted to do a hybrid launch (a book / infoproduct / consulting hybrid…more on this later).

Publishizer is still relatively young in the crowdfunding space. That said, I asked the founder, Guy Vincent, to share some statistics for today’s blog post that haven’t been released publicly.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at Publishizer as of this writing:

Average funds raised per campaign: $8,160

Campaign success rate: 78.3%

Avg daily page views: about 2,500

Top 3 traffic sources: Facebook, Twitter, ProductHunt

Statistically speaking, I’m much more likely to fund my book on Publishizer than I am Indiegogo or Kickstarter.

Further, on average, Publishizer campaigns raise more than Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns.

A quick caveat to these assertions: I don’t have “book specific” stats for Indiegogo and Kickstarter, I simply extrapolated out from the collective data. Also, the platform is young, so these figures could very well change over time.

Details aboutCLC’s proposal may be found on their site .

CLC renewed its call for a $40/ton carbon fee “in exchange for a rollback of Obama-era climate rules” in a May 9 New York Times op-ed, The Business Care for the Paris Climate Accord ,co-authored by Shultz and Halstead.

A signal development since 2014 has been the emergence of the Niskanen Center as a leader in conservatives’ (and especially libertarians’) interest in carbon taxing.

The center’s founder-director, Jerry Taylor, was an energy policy analyst at the Cato Institute, where he helped forge Cato’s unflinching climate denialism (“I used to write skeptic talking points for a living,” he said in an April 2017 interview ) until an immersion in climate science led him to a change of heart and a 180-degree turnaround on climate.

In March 2015, the Niskanen Center launched a full-scale assault on conservative obstruction of climate policy with a provocative paper by Taylor, How Much Cheap Online Everyday Camera bag Black Balenciaga Wholesale Price Cheap Price Free Shipping Great Deals Discount Geniue Stockist iXKtK0rqGQ
. The paper argued that if conservative denial of climate science is grounded in ideological aversion to command-and-control regulation, as proposed in EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan, conservatives should embrace and promote a revenue-neutral carbon tax as a more efficient, less burdensome, “free market” alternative and do so soon, because once established, EPA regulations will be almost impossible to uproot.

Taylor followed that paper with a series of bold blog posts further articulating his proposal, including these two in March 2015, Cheap For Sale Medusa Empire tote Black Versace Outlet Manchester Great Sale Cheap With Paypal Factory Price DXV3s
and Debating the Carbon Tax , writing in the latter:

Statement Clutch Earl by VIDA VIDA Sale Visit New 2018 New Online Free Shipping Shop For Cheap Many Kinds Of E5QE0Lr
Debating the Carbon Tax

[C]onservatives ought to abandon their “just say no” policy towards addressing climate change. Global warming is real, industrial emissions are the main cause, and warming imposes risk that warrant a policy response… [C]arbon taxes are a far more efficient means of controlling greenhouse gas emissions than command-and-control regulation. [A]carbon tax at the levels presently discussed in Washington would not unduly burden the economy, and that’s particularly true once we consider the (non-climate) environmental benefits that would follow from the tax as well as the benefits of any offsetting tax cuts.

Taylor’s most recent (April 2017) paper, Statement Clutch Willow Wings by VIDA VIDA Good Selling Sale Online Buy Cheap Fashion Style Clearance Buy 2XgCpLORy
, is a lively and thoughtful survey of energy developments worldwide, particularly in the developing nations. In the lengthy (5,000 words) paper he tackles various precepts of conservative opposition to climate policy, e.g., unilateral U.S. action on climate is futile and self-defeating, and intentional abandonment of fossil fuels will consign poor nations and people to perpetual poverty. The paper is factual and filled with encouraging data on economic and technical progress in the solar and wind industries, and the clean-air co-benefits of phasing out coal, oil and gas.

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